South Pacific

Explore the beauty of the South Pacific ~ postcard perfect islands, silky soft white sand, turquoise waters, abundant marine life and so much more. The South Pacific is a dream destination and not too far to travel from Australia. We have more destinations coming soon but our 10 Day Tonga Whale Swim package takes the spotlight for now. With many dates throughout 2022 and with a potential ‘Travel Bubble’ opening, this would be the place to visit! 




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Everybody loves a few travel facts and our South Pacific Travel Snapshot gives you a brief idea of what to expect when planning a holiday to the South Pacific. Read on below as we expand on our travel bites…

Best Time To Travel –  The best time to visit the South Pacific is between March to October as there are pleasant temperatures and the visibility in the water is very good, making it a great time to visit for water sports such as diving and snorkelling (with humpback whales!) 

Currency – Many islands accept AUD, USA, NZD & Euro. A lot of the islands also do have their own individual currencies. 

Approximate Travel Time –  To get to the island Kingdom of Tonga, the travel time is a short 4-6 hours depending which city you are travelling from, and which island you are headed. 

Religion – Christianity is the most dominant religion in the South Pacific. They take Sundays day of rest very seriously – so no work and all the play!  

Famous Dish – Anything cooked in coconut milk. In Fiji a popular dish is Kokoda which is the islands equivalent of Ceviche; made with raw fish, coconut milk, lemon, lime and chilli. Roasted suckling pig is often cooked on special occasions. Yummy!

Visa Required – Most South Pacific countries issues shirt-stay visas on arrival so you do not need to organising anything pre-travel. Please check this advise prior to your trip as it may vary country to country.

Fitness Level – We rate our South Pacific packages at a low-moderate fitness level. Low if you plan on relaxing on the lovely beaches. A Moderate level of fitness is required if you take our Tonga Whale Swim package. 

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