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Visit Bhutan, officially known as the ‘Land of Happiness’. Bhutan is the smallest country located in the Himalayan mountain range. It has a strong ancient Buddhist culture and is governed by a development philosophy known as Gross National Happiness. How good it that! Our Bhutan tours include everything from sightseeing, to all your meals and organising your visa for travel. Immerse yourself in Buddhist culture, stand in awe at the massive Himalayan mountains and stop for breath as you hike the steep climb up to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. A holiday to Bhutan should be on everyones bucket list.












Everybody loves a few travel facts and our Bhutan Travel Snapshot gives you a brief idea of what to expect when planning a holiday to Bhutan. Read on below as we expand on our travel bites…

Best Time To Travel – September to January is the best time to travel to Bhutan. During this time the skies are clear, the air is fresh and makes for pleasant trekking and sightseeing. The rainy season hits the most during June – August so travel during these months is not recommended as trekking can be difficult.

Capital City – The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu with a population of about 80,000. Thimphu sits at a breathtaking 2300m above sea level.

Currency – The national currency in Bhutanese Ngultrum.  The approximate exchange is $1 = 55 Ngultrums. Please make sure you take USD in cash when you visit Bhutan as this currency is much easier to exchange. Our guides can assist you with money exchange or ATM withdrawals while on tour in Bhutan.

Approximate Travel Time – 19 hours. To visit Bhutan, you must fly into Paro. There are no direct flights to Paro and you must. travel via another hub such as Bangkok or Kathmandu. It is quite difficult to book your own flights into Bhutan as only selected agents have access to Bhutanese airline tickets. Please contact us if you would like assistance booking airfares into Bhutan.

Religion – 75% of people living in Bhutan are buddhists. The official religion in Bhutan is Vajrayana Buddhism.

Famous Dish – The most famous dish in Bhutan is Ema Datshi – aka chilli’s and cheese. Ema Datshi is a curry type stew made with yaks milk, chilies, tomatoes and onions. If you are on holiday in Bhutan, this dish is a must-try but be careful, the chilli’s in Bhutan are super hot!

Visa Required – Yes. A tourist visa is required to travel to Bhutan. All our Bhutan tours include the visa so you don’t have to worry about organising a thing!

Fitness Level – We rate our Bhutan tours as requiring a high level of fitness due to the altitude of the country, and there are some treks involved in the itineraries (Tiger’s Nest) that require a good level of fitness. However, you are always welcome to do as much or as little as you feel you are able.

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