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Vietnam is a land of spectacular natural beauty, rich culture, history and delicious cuisine. We have the very best deals to Vietnam that incorporate all of these, from overnight cruises through breathtaking Halong Bay, to the jaw dropping cave formations in Phong Nga National Park. From the ancient town and quaint riverside of Hoi An, to the modern city of Ho Chi Minh and the historic Cu Chi Tunnels. From cruising the tranquil Mekong River, visiting local communities and floating markets, to the bright lights and tropical islands of Nha Trang. Our Vietnam tours offer everything for everyone and all at a fabulous price. 
















Everybody loves a few travel facts and our Vietnam Travel Snapshot gives you a brief idea of what to expect when planning a holiday to Vietnam. Read on below as we expand on our travel bites…

Best Time To Travel – Vietnam is a very long country so the weather can change dramatically. It can be hot and humid in the south and wet and cool in the north at the same time.  Generally the best time to travel to Vietnam is from October to April. The summer months of May to August cant get quite hot and humid the months of June/July see the most rainfall.

Capital City – The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. The city center is approximately 50-60 minutes drive from the airport.

Currency – The national currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. The approximate exchange is $1 = 16,500 Dong. There is plenty of banks and ATM’s available in Hanoi and other cities. You can use your credit card in all hotels and you can also order local currency in cash before you travel. It is advisable to take US Dollars with you as well and these are easily changeable and can be used for purchases in many places. 

Approximate Travel Time – 10-12 hours. Where Vietnam Airlines have some direct flights to Hanoi, most airlines fly into Hanoi via another hub in Asia such as Singapore. The majority of our Vietnam tours start in Hanoi and there are numerous daily flights from all major Australian cities.

Religion – Around 50% of people living in Vietnam practice Vietnam Folk Religion. Vietnamese folk religion is not an organised religious system, but a set of local worship traditions devoted to ancestors, national heroes, and gods of nature. 20% of the population practice Buddhism, 10% Catholicism and the remaining 20% identify as non-religious.

Famous Dish – The most popular dish in Vietnam is Pho. A trip to Vietnam is not complete without consuming at least a few bowls of this delicious soupy broth served up on the roadside! Pho consists of a bone broth packed with herbs and flavours, rice noodles, and most commonly thin strips of beef that are placed in raw and then cook in the broth. It is topped with beansprouts, lime, chilli and fresh herbs. Ask us about an optional Vietnam street food tour to include in your package.

Visa Required – Yes. Australian citizens require a visa to enter Vietnam. This can be obtained online via an e-visa, or applying at the Vietnam embassy in Australia. We can also provide a letter of invitation so you can obtain your visa on arrival. 

Fitness Level – We rate our Vietnam tours at a low fitness level. Some walking is always required around sights and monuments so you must be mobile enough to walk short distances and climb stairs. 

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